General information

For more than a decade Silverfen has been at the forefront of music typography in the U.K., helping the major music publishers to achieve their publishing goals by matching the highest standards of late nineteenth and early twentieth century music engraving with the latest modern technology.

Our service covers all typographic styles of music, from mediæval music in original-style notation to contemporary music, from scholarly editions to educational music, from sets of performing material for orchestras and bands to complex integrated volumes of text and music. In all of these we seek to produce pages which are pleasing to the eye and practical for the musician. We make extensive use of computers in our work, using specially written software and typefaces, but ensure that the technology is always a tool and never an end itself.

The same mixture of typographic skill and technological skill which underpins Silverfen’s work in music typography also lends itself to web site design: for more information on any of these things please follow the links below.